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hi! i have been an rn on tele for 3yrs and recently took a postion in the er. i am only a month into preceptorship and feel totally out of my comfort zone!! how long will it take for me to become slightly comfortable?? i see so many nurses doing things off the cuff and i feel like i cant do that...just discouraged and second guessing my choice!


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Dear Mandarn7272,

I have about 8 years+ of tele experience and the transition to the ER is challenging BUT it is completely doable. Please remember that when ever an RN moves from one department to another there is the challenge of coming from a position of expert to low man/woman on the totem pole. ASK lots of questions and believe in yourself. Begin a journal of what you've learned and add to it every evening. You may feel more confident in 4 more months but the skill level you are seeking may take 2 years so make it the best experience possible.

I hope this helps. Best, Virtual RN

good answer!!!! =) I am new to ER also... very overwhelming, but great learning environment.. remember to breathe.. and know you can do it! have faith.. and in time you will be amazing! =)

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I would say 3-6 months, hang in there.

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I"m on my 6th month in the E.R. and I just started feeling a little bit comfortable in the last month or so. Give it time. Ask lots of questions. Don't shy away from new things and ask for advice/experience from experienced nurses. It will get better. I promise.

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