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I am a brand new nurse (graduated May 2010, passed boards June 2010), and am working in a busy Emergency Center which I LOVE. I always knew I wanted to work ER, my parents are old ER nurses and I grew up exposed to the culture. In nursing school, I discovered another LOVE of nursing- L & D:redpinkhe. I LOVED my OB clinical and knew that this was something I wanted to do too.

I've been SO fortunate with my position in the EC so far, I started orientation as a GN the day after I graduated from nursing school. I LOVE emergency and want to stay here, however I can't stop thinking about OB, and would love to get my feet wet in a contingent position now that I am settled in my full time job. I think that my evolving EC experience will be a big asset to me as an OB nurse, and I think that OB can really benefit me as an EC nurse. The problem is- EVERY OB related (PP, L&D) job posting highlights the need for OB experience, but how am I ever going to get any (outside of the pre-eclampsia, threatened miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, impending deliveries, etc in the EC)??

Any advice about becoming a contingent L&D or PP nurse? Will EC experience look favorable to the hiring staff in OB? Should I apply with no experience? I would appreciate any advice you can offer! Thank you :D

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I am not sure where your located... but in my area you can only work as an ob contingent if you have years of ob experience. OB is such a different specialty that you spend at least 6 months just learning the ropes. Most facilities won't invest that in a contingent staff member. My guess would be once you have sometime on your current unit (like 2 years?) then you could try to get an OB job and work contingent in Emergency... Anyway that's just my thoughts. Good luck to you!:)

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If you are only going to work L&D as PRN or Pool staff, I wouldn't even try. You cannot get a position in L&D as part time without experience.

They will hire you without experience if you are willing to work full time.

Obstetrics is not an easy field to get into. I had to beg and plead and jump through hoops for 2 years before they would even consider me.

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OB is not a job that you can work PRN unless you have lots of previous OB experience. L&D is highly specialized, and definitely a "use it or lose it" skill.

I agree with the need for experience! Your best bet is to focus on one area right now (ER or OB). If you decide to go the OB route start at your own facility where they know you and you'd have a better chance of getting into L&D without experience (other facilities will more than likely not even look at you if you don't have experience). Good Luck!

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