New to college


Hey, I am new to college and have know idea what to bring on first day.

It has been about 3 years since I graduated high school.

The classes I will be taking are:

Basic Math

English I


American Music

I have all the required books, should I bring them all? I go Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-2:15 each of those days.

Can anyone help?


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Take only the books for the classes you will attend on that day. You will also need a pen, a pencil, an eraser, and some paper; make sure you also take a highlighter it can come in handy!!

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Don't bring the books unless it's asked for. You might need your math book. Print out the syllabus from moodle, blackboard, or whatever course management system your school uses and bring it to class. Bring paper (binder or notebook), laptop, pen and pencil.


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Thank you guys. One more silly question...

What are your opinions on rolling bookbags?

Do they get in the way? Are they 'nerdy'?


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I don't like rolling backpacks a regular one works great, but that's just my opinion.... *^_^*

I would bring the required book for the class your attending. I would also bring paper, either in a spiral notebook or in a folder or binder. I would also bring a calculator for math class if it's allowed. Many colleges do allow calculators for certain classes. Of course, bring a pen and pencil, extra eraser, and a highlighter. A book mark is another good thing to have. Also, since it is cold and flu season, hand sanitizer is always a good thing to have. Also, I do use a rolling book bag and like it... I guess it's just a matter of choice.


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Very helpful! Thanks