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New CNA & other things


Hello people!

My name's Michelle and I'm new member to this page( I have been a lurker for quite a while, lol) anyways, I am 17 years old and am a freshman in college. In my senior year of high school I obtained my CNA license. I'm worried about taking BPs, I'm not that comfortable with the skill yet and am afraid that I'll never get the hang of it =/ Anyways, I wanted to see if there was any advice that anyone would like to willingly share, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Practice on anyone who will let you, and get a good stethoscope, because cheap ones are hard to hear on.

yep I agree with duskyjewel. I got myself a cuff and stethoscope and practiced on family members.

I think most people seem to have the hardest time finding that first beat. Whenever I take it I not only listen for that first beat, but I watch that needle. When I hear a beat and see that little jump of the needle I take that as my first number. The last beat seems to be the easiest to detect because by then the beats are nice and strong, and then there is nothing.

The more you do it the more comfortable you will be with it eventually.