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I'm an American who recently received my BSN degree. I'm thinking of relocating my family to NZ. Is this realistic or a pipe dream? Does anyone know what steps I would need to take to move this idea forward?

Any thoughts appreciated!

If you want to work as a nurse then you will need to be registered with that country's nurses registration board, just like the good old, United states of America. New Zealand does not have states but calls them provinces, but has one national nursing council.

sorry if I have stood on any kiwis toes!

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Keep in mind that the cost of living is quite high in NZ, and wages aren't great. I don't know how they compare with the US, but NZ members have often noted that both the cost of living and salaries are better in Australia. Have a quick search through the forum to find posts from US-ex pats living in NZ for first-hand advice

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