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New area of Peds, help!


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Hi everyone. I have a question to all my Pediatric Nurse friends.

I am currently furloughed from my job in Pediatric Urgent Care due to how COVID is thankfully not affecting our little patients. Now, my company is having a rough time right now and I'm not sure when they will recover. Thankfully, I am receiving unemployment. IF they don't recover and take me back full time at full pay before my unemployment ends, I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on another area of Pediatrics that may be good for me in the interim? I'm not the best at IVs or Urinary Catheters. I have a background in the PICU which I found a little too stressful. Urgent Care is great, but I don't see any Urgent Care recovering quickly after the Pandemic is over. I've always loved Psych, but I feel they won't hire you if you don't have experience, but how do you get that?

Anyone work in a "lower stress" area of Peds that might be a nice transition for me for now, or maybe one I might fall in love with?

Thanks, hope everyone is safe.

HiddencatBSN, BSN

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I’ve seen people hired in to psych without psych experience at multiple facilities I’ve worked at. When I was a new grad the psych centers were some of the employers who consistently would hire new grads as well. Are positions near you requiring psych experience or just preferring it?

Also, you say you’re not great at IVs and catheters but is it a matter of practice and exposure? Because you’d get that exposure and practice in a peds er.