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Hello to all! I am new to this site as a member but have kept my eye on this site for some time. I currently hold a H.S. diploma as well as everything the military has taught me. At this time I have made the firm choice to enter the career field of nursing and I would like to know what advice you may have so that I may get started. I am serving in Stuttgart, Germany and I do not have the access to nursing schools stateside. Are there any online courses that I can take that I can use to start my education. If so are the "credits" transferrable(sic) to actual nursing schools etc.

I am new to this and quite frankly dont know where to begin. Can someone lend me some advice here?




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Hi! There are some classes that are easily taken online, such as English, Psychology, Developmental Psychology, etc. Most nursing schools require those classes. Credits are usually transferable as long as you taken them at an accredited college, such as a state university or community college.

Other requirements are different for associate degree vs bachelor degree programs, so once you decide what type of program you want, you can see what other classes you'll need.

You might want to consider taking a basic biology course online. Nursing schools require science classes with labs, which are almost impossible to do online, but you would have a big advantage when taking thoses courses if you already had taken a basic biology course.

It is very competative to get into nursing school, so you want to do whatever you can to make sure your grades are high.

Good luck!

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Hi welcome! As was stated above there are all kinds of courses you can take online. Do you have a state of residence? Any idea where you would like to go to nursing school? Take a look at the courses they require there and also look and see if they offer them online. A lot of schools have online programs, so going in your home state might save you some money.

Accredited online courses are just as transferable as other courses taken on campus.

Good luck!


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I'd advise you to use EARMYU. Go to the Education Center on post and a Career Counselor will be able to help you. My hubby is ARMY too. :p

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