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Just wanted to know from other's if when you begin at a new facility if they give you a copy of their policies and procedures manual? I know that they usually have a book of them on each floor but wanted to know if you received one when hired at a facility. Just curious....

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I received copies of the most often used policies and procedures that are true throughout the facility, as well as ones that are unit specific. Anything that I don't have a copy of can be quickly looked up on the intranet at work.


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Thanks so much for your reply. I just recently started work and being new I wasn't sure if it was just common not to give them out considering the large number of policies. Thanks Again.... :)

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No we don't get individual copies. We're shown where it is and expected to read it.

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you are asking an excellent question! Generally there are administrative, nursing as well as infection controll policies and proceedure manuals. It's just too much to copy for each new hire. But as suggested before, spend a moment with your preceptor and say "I'd like to see the policy on chest tube dressings". This way you become accoustomed to stoping, referencing it quickly and carrying on. Even after 9 years nursing, I'm now in a new position and I pull them constantly. Good luck to you


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Thanks so much for your replies. :)

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