"Never trust a 35 weeker"

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What's also scary are the kids delivered at 35 bc of PEC who go home really fast. We just had one who came to us for a day of CPAP and some feeding help, then went home DOL 5 with mom. Two days later he's in the ER because he "won't eat". He was eating like a beast with us, so... As soon as baby is settled with us mom takes her own self back to the ER for a "pounding" headache with visual changes and feeling like her pressure is high. So we sent a tenuous kid home with a mom who's still clearly really sick herself. No wonder she couldn't get him to eat, she felt like crap! Kid was wicked dehydrated and needed lights. Stupid, stupid us.


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And it continues...

35 4/7 twin girls, born right at 2000 when I walk in the door. I get twin B - who is a champ. Sugars a fine, temps are great, eating 15-20cc q3h PO, planning on sending her up to newborn after rounds in the morning. Twin A was the one with the slight temp issues and needed D10 for some sugar issues.

I come back the next night and see that twin B was no longer in my assignment, I figured she had indeed gone up to newborn. I asked the resident who was standing right there when she went upstairs. He then told me that she had spontaneously perfed and was in the OR that very minute.

I think my jaw actually hit the floor! Seriously!!!

At 09 she was still fine. Girth was still 29, and ate her 20ml no problem. At 12, her belly was huge - girth up to 34... X-ray showed a huge amount of free air. Never had any temp issues or A/Bs or any of that other stuff.

She had perfed in her sigmoid colon - only took out a few cm of bowel, and no ostomy or any of that non-sense.

Since when do 35 4/7 wk babies spontaneously perf at 14 hours of life???