Never give up...I got into nursing school!


WOW! I started this journey of preparing for nursing school back in 2008. I was going to school to be an early childhood education teacher in 2006, and then my son was born. Connor was born emergency cesarean, we had no idea he would be sick. He was rushed to Children's Hospital Boston within a couple hours, his O2 was in the 60s. He spent a month in the NICU where he was diagnosed with Marshall Smith Syndrome, and had a gastric tube and trach placed. I spend the next 19 months with my baby boy before he passed away. Connor was the most amazing child I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He changed my life for the better. He was so strong, even with all that he went through. My baby boy always had a smile on his face :redpinkhe

I was taking 2 classes in the spring of 2008 to start my nursing path...and then the day of my finals, my baby boy passed away (as you can imagine, I did not go to my finals). Now, 3 years later, and busting my butt (not to mention I had my second child, Connor's little brother, Liam) and I am done with all of my core classes!!!! I have been accepted to Rivier College in Nashua, and I start clinicals and my nursing courses in the fall :yeah:

Thank you to my amazing baby boy for being my hero, and helping me realize my true calling.

Never give matter what happens, if this is what you are meant to do, it will happen for you eventually!

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I gave you kudos for going through all that and keeping the perseverance to keep your life going. My condolences to Connor but after reading your story, in the back of my mind I always find myself saying that little phrase, "everything happens for a reason". This might sound like I'm trying to downplay the severity of loosing a child, but I promise this isn't the intention.

Congrats on Liam and River College! Keep your head up and heart strong and I know you'll do well! :)


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Wow, amazing. There isn't a person in need of care that wouldn't want you to be their nurse.

Congratulations on such triumph!

God bless you.


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Thanks Mike! I do not at all feel like you are "downplaying the severity of losing a child"! I have heard that said many many times. Sometimes I feel like it is a bunch of crap...because I miss my baby boy so much...and other times, I feel it is completely true (depends on my mood!). Either way, Connor was born, he was amazing, and now he is so happy an he is my angel in heaven :)


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I'm so sorry for your loss. I too lost a child, my only daughter was stillborn. I am unable to have another child.

I'm currently trying to get into the RN program, my entrance exam is on Thursday! :eek:

Congrats on your successes, in spite of what is the hardest thing in the world to go through. You will be a great nurse!


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Good luck in school! It's wonderful that you can find something positive out of tragedy. I wish you and your family a future of happiness and success.


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That's a LOT for you to go through.

Its amazing that a tragedy like that can bring an opportunity like this.

You must be an incredibly strong person to get through something like that.

I've been trying to get into my community college's program since I graduated high school in 2008, and I kept falling short, until I got in in fall 2009, but then failed. But I got back last fall and I'm almost halfway done!

I've had so many second chances, and I know just like you that this is what I was meant to do, so there's no way I'm going to give up either!!