What are the hospitals hiring LPNs or RN's?

  1. Hello, I'm a Brazilian woman. I am currently in Brazil and I want to finish college here so that I can practice as a nurse in the US. I want to know what would be the best choice as far as what is important for hospitals in Nevada. I can go to a school here in Brazil and become equivalent to an LPN or I can become like an RN. I know that I might have to complete more training in the US, but I want to know if hospitals are hiring LPN's as much as RN's? Would it be better for me to have prior exprience being a graduated nurse here in Brazil before trying to become a nurse in the US or could I be hired in the US with the experience that I gained working in hospitals during college studies? I just want to have an idea about the hospitals opinions in Nevada.

    Thank you
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    First, you need to review the information in the International Forum about emigrating as a nurse to the USA.

    To my limited understanding, you cannot gain the permit (as a nonAmerican nurse) to work in the USA unless you are an RN and pass the course of study that is equivalent of a BSN program here. Thus LPN or ADN/ASN/diploma RN courses of study would not be acceptable. While NV and the US uses all these nurses, as a noncitizen, you will not get preferred immigration status/working permit with them.

    Even with these qualifications, some internationals will require extra courses. In the US, nurses receive education in psych/peds/adults. Some country's nursing programs only prepare you for specific tracks (as a peds nurse or as a psych nurse, etc.) and require augmentation with extra course work.

    Please address Suzanne (moderator of the International Forum) AFTER reading data available in the International forum. She is an amazing resource and can clarify any questions that you might have.
  4. by   Annabrasil
    I forgot to add that I'm married to an American so any problems about immigration aren't a big factor for me.
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    Quote from Annabrasil
    I forgot to add that I'm married to an American so any problems about immigration aren't a big factor for me.
    I certainly hope that you are not suggesting that since you've married an American, you don't have to worry about U.S. boards? Plus, one of my friends married a woman from another country . . . 2 years ago. She's still not a legal U.S. citizen yet.
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    I still think becoming a citizen takes quite a while plus all of the schooling. We have a friend who married a girl from Germany, beautiful, college educated, and smart, she is still going to school to attempt to gain her citizenship. Boards are an issue too. You must pass our boards to obtain a license to practice as a nurse. Even doctors coming to America must show their ability to pass our boards to become certified to practice in certain areas. Some do not finish all of the requirments, they are not as well paid or as sought after in my area. Many physicians must take further training and tests to meet many state standards.
    Good luck.