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I have an interview at Spring Valley tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had interviewed there or anywhere recently....... How was the interview - what type of questions did they ask you - the... Read More

  1. by   mnnurse29
    Please don't worry about the whole Spring Valley incident. You have a job! Wahhhhoooo! In a market like this, that is something to be excited about! Plus, you plan on staying at Summerlin for a while, right??? The interviews have seen situations like this before, and will see this happen again. It is TUFF out there for us new grads, and no one can blam you for what happened. Shoot - I would have done the same thing! The job hunting is not over until you sign a contract!

    I have tried to call both Spring Valley & Summerlin with no success. My ER job at Valley has said "Forwarded to HM" for 2 weeks now and Spring Valley's for a week. I WANT AN INTERVIEW!!! I just want to cry! I have applied everywhere and I am loosing hope.

    Congrats again! This is wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   ris_03tdgz
    thank youuuuu!!I feel better now.. I kept leaving messages on the nurse recruiter's voicemail and I sent her an email as well I think thats how I got an interivew. Let me know if you want her name and number and ill email it to u or pm. But I dont think I can pm on here just yet. Ill try though! Dont give up!! It will come!!!!
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  3. by   mnnurse29
    I sent you a PM. I hope it worked. I have never done that before!

    CONGRATS, your an employed nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Yenechka
    Can you, please, advise me if you have any information. I am applying to both Desert Springs and Spring Valley hospitals. I tried to google reviews about these hospitals (moved from Michigan, have no idea where to start). It looks like there were a lot of negative reviews about Desert Springs and some positive about Spring Valley. Tomorrow I am going to pass some test for Desert Springs, but I have a lot of doubt about accepting a job offer (if one is going to be offered...) Need HELP!!!