LVN planning a move to NV

  1. hey all! another cali lvn tired of the waiting lists for the rn prereq classes, looking into moving to pursue my education, with just a few questions for the nv residents..

    are the science prereq classes @ csn impacted also? ie, chem, a&p, micro? i'd be willing to move even just to get into the prereq classes...seriously.

    is there a waitinglist for the lvn-rn bridge?

    how would i apply for reciprocity for nv to ca lvn license?

    and lastly, how are the job opportunities for lvns? and any suggestions where to apply?

    thanks in advance folks! appreciate all the help & opinions i could get
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  3. by   vegas2009
    No, the science/pre-reqs classes are not impacted. There's no waiting list to get in them, just make sure you sign up for them early. Even if they're full when you try to register, just check in the first or second week when school starts and someone usually drops. If you can't get in them, try NSC or UNLV. CSN has an open enrollment policy. As long as you have the $$, you're good to go! Goodluck with the jobfront! It's pretty tight.
  4. by   vegas2009
    By the way, I don't know which part of Cali you're in and what schools you're looking at. But, I just checked three schools that I'm interested in and they all look like they're pretty open for pre-req summer classes. I'm just going to end up paying more, but I'm sure they're worth it. I'm going to make sure and call them first though. If things go as I've planned, well, H-e-l-l-o sunny Cali! Yay!
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  5. by   maye59
    thanks for the replies! I've already applied to csn, all i need to do is wait on my transcripts to arrive and plan a day to check out the school, apply in-person and take those placement tests.. i'm excited!

    which schools were you checking out down here? i've been trying to get into the OC/IE community colleges, but they're quite packed--esp since i don't have any seniority for registration.

    i guess we're trading places? lol.. HELLO VEGAS! woo!! hehe..

    wish US luck!
  6. by   vegas2009
    Hey maye, can u PM yet? what is OC/IE? soo obvious I'm not Californian and totally lost, what's that mean?

    I sent you PM with my e-mail address but I don't know if it went through. Yes, it is my first time to attempt to PM... I've been on allnurses a long time now, but I honestly don't know how to PM! I know I suck .

    Maye59, come on... it's not hard to talk. Any input from ya? Anything from your neck of the woods? Hello, nice one? Ok, I'll leave ya alone for now. Maybe you need to gather your thoughts and meditate? Let me know, if you're in the mood to communicate Well, what do you know? I rhyme.. haha.
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  7. by   maye59
    sorry for the late reply, i received your pm, a day late. haha..did you get mine? i'm quite new to the pm deal too..

    OC - orange county IE -inland empire..sunny southern cali
    maybe i'm just bad luck when it comes to comm. colleges around here, 'cause i know some former classmates able to get in, i've never really been good at "lottery" esp just for prereqs ..

    where are you looking into moving?