Fingerprinting process

  1. I'm hoping someone can help me understand information I found on the NSBN website regarding fingerprinting.

    1. I need to make sure I complete two Form FD-258's which are provided by the NSB of Nursing (NSBN). I'm sure I can call them and ask them to mail the forms to me in MN. Anyone disagree?

    2. On the instruction pdf, it says that 'any law enforcement agency (highway patrol, sherrif, police) can place your prints on the cards. Do they mean any law enforcement agency in the *state of Nevada* or do they mean *any state*?

    3. I won't be taking the NCLEX until May - will cards completed now still be valid come May/June?

    Thanks for any insight.
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  3. by   1Tulip
    I'm pretty sure you can get your fingerprints done where you live. I had to get printed for a CA license and just went to the Reno PD. (And no, they aren't the ones you see on Reno 9-11)
  4. by   jayrelic
    Thanks Tulip. I'll check it out. Just have to find time during the day to try to contact the NSBN.
  5. by   505girl
    I was living in AZ at the time I applied to NV--so I know all these answers!

    First off, you need to obtain an application packet from Nevada State Board of Nursing--Inside that are the two fingerprint cards specific for the NSBN
    You can go to ANY law enforcement agency (I went to a police station in AZ)

    You definitely need to complete the fingerprinting 4 months before you take the NCLEX. I applied in February, graduated in May, took the NCLEX in June and barely got my license on time. So, if you are graduating in May, apply in early, early February, and get those fingerprints done.
    any other questions, PM me. Also, if you call them, they are nice on the phone, and they know all the answers.
  6. by   jayrelic
    Thanks for the info. I was actually able to talk to them today - and yes, they are very, very nice and do have the answers.

    I'll be submitting my fingerprints in February/March (they are valid for 6mos.) and applying as soon as the packet arrives (it's valid for 1yr).

    Good to see you're around 505. May can't come fast enough for this cat!!
  7. by   lots_of_luv
    do i still need to be fingerprinted even if i already had them done in the past in nevada for a police card? thanks.
  8. by   BSNtobe2009
    Be sure to call first....some law enforcement agencies only do fingerprinting for cards on certain days and during certain hours. Here the police department won't do them, you have to go to the sheriffs department and schedule an appointment in advance to go.

    I don't know if it's like that there or not, but it's something to consider.