CSN supply and book list

  1. I'd like to get a head start on purchasing my books, scrubs, and various other items I need for the CSN RN program. However, I can't find the list online anywhere and when I called the school they told me just to wait until orientation. I figure the longer I can spread out spending all that money the better Can anyone give me some ideas of what I'm going to need? Scrub color, shoe specifications, stethoscope specs? I'd be greatly appreciative :redpinkhe
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  3. by   SunshineDaisy
    I believe you have to buy your scrubs through the school now, but you need white shoes, white or nude underwear and bras/camis, any stethoscope will do, a pen light, BP cuff, those little pocket organizers are nice for clinical, and they usually come with scissors, pen light and pen, a watch with a 2nd hand, a clip board that opens up, pens, pencils, high lighters, note cards, a good back pack (I have a Jansport with wheels) and a good printer (I bought a laser printer). Books, I would wait because they may change!
  4. by   justmeinlv
    ... a good printer (i bought a laser printer)...[/quote]

    you defiantly need a good printer. your first syllabus is over 200 pages. one of your first assignments is an elderly essay, remember the instructions for it are in three different places, and do not forget to put it in one of those cheep clear binders, before you turn it in.

    all that stuff you have to have for clinical, make sure you have it. if you show up to clinical, without a penlight or with a crooked name tag, they are going to dock your grade or send you home.

    that program is a nightmare. they are going to break you down physically and emotionally every chance they get. it is not going to be easy, but yes it is worth it. 2 years of hell = one amazing career.

    study, study, study, because pharmacology is going to make bio 189 seem like a piece of cake
  5. by   SunshineDaisy
    Ugh, pharm! You also print out a tiny forest of trees in nursing school. Our unofficial motto is "Nursing school, killing trees but learning how to save lives!" Also invest in a good NCLEX book! There are also a ton of supplimental study things out there. Some that I use that are helpful (to me) are the Made Incredibly Easy books and the Prentice Hall Nursing Reviews and Rationales.
  6. by   justmeinlv
    i agree the ___ made incredibly easy series is good. i also used lippincott. lippincott books are good, because the question is on one side of the page and the answers are on the other side. that way you do not have to keep trying to find the answers in the back of the book. the cd's that come with nclex prep books are great, because when you are tired of looking at the text book you can do the questions on the computer.

    one of my friends also had a set of cd's that he would play in his car radio. that seemed to help him a lot.

    also the west charleston public library has those __ made incredibly easy books and tons of videos you can check out. some of the videos are made my the text book manufactures.

    if you want to start studying now the west charleston library has the jarvis assessment dvd's, which are the ones that go with the assessment book the school uses.