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  1. I was just wandering was anyone applying for the LPN program @ CSN for the 2017 Summer start? If there is anyone that is or has already completed the program any advice would be helpful.
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  3. by   5agreements
    I am. I have all LPN prerequisite except for cna. I'm currently preparing for Kaplan test.
  4. by   Wafer♡er
    I decided not to do it because I spoke to an advisor and she said I have to have my CNA license prior to applying on March 1st. I just took the HESI today for Arizona College for their BSN program. Good Luck on your test!!
  5. by   5agreements
    thank you ...you too Good luck at AZ college.

    I will be taking my CNA classes at Milan institute (6weeks program, M-TH, Offered both days and evening, they offer payment installment plan) .their program starts 1-2x a month. It's pricey but if I want to make to march 1st deadline (Csn LPN program), I have no choice but to take it through them. They did mention that Csn refers some of the students to them because their CNA classes are always full. I found them through "approved Nevada state nursing assistant program" (if you go to this website, the price info is there). there are several in town that offer the program.
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  6. by   Wafer♡er
    I seen Milan Institute but I didn't even inquire about it. CSN's CNA course is hard to get into. From what I have heard you have to fight for most of the classes that have to deal with nursing. I will go on there today to see how much their program is and any others. Thank you for letting me know. How are you liking Milan Institute?
  7. by   5agreements
    You're welcome. I will start on Nov 14th (orientation is nov 10th). I'm already late for October evening class. The place seems okay. It's by UMC hospital (corner of tonopah and gold ring). I like it because it's not too far from work and close to hwy plus there evening class is only M-Th 5:30pm- 9:30pm (they have security guard on the premises) vs saint Therese M-F 6pm -10pm which is kind of late for me (by rainbow and Charleston or Sahara). They mentioned that these are the only 2 schools, the CSN refers their student(s) to for CNA program/classes.
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  8. by   Twinsmama28
    I may be applying to the LPN program! I am in CSN CNA program now. I only have the sciences prerequisites left for the RN program. So I am trying to decide if I will just do that first and then apply to RN or put those on holds for just do the LPN
  9. by   5agreements
    i just had a meeting with the advisor who encouraged me to go straight for an RN vs LPN first since I too have sciences prereq left for the RN program. my A&P is good for LPN only (HHP 223/224 NOT BIOL 223/224).

    I choose to go for LPN based on my own situation. Based on my calculation if I start the LPN program summer 2017 I'll be done LPN by the end of spring 2018, then I can start the bridge program fall of 2018. If I were to go straight to RN program I maybe be able to start Spring 2018 since I still have sciences prereq to take and the application deadline for spring 2018 is Sept 1, 2017. the bonus is if you have LPN degree that's 8 more points.

    it is advisable to go straight for the RN program. However, you're the only one who can answer your dilemma based on your personal situation. You need to look within and ask yourself what is the closest to your heart (I'm not talking about Anatomy & physiology here.. I'm talking about your heart's desire). Im going to give a scenario: I knew someone years ago who was so unhappy with her financial situation and marriage. She had 2 little kids at that time and she didn't have any family who could help her financially. She wanted to improve her financial situation quickly and because LPN program is only 1 year she choose to go for her LPN. In the middle of LPN program she filed for divorce. I asked her years later if she would do it again ..going for LPN vs going straight for her RN and her answer was "I would do it over and over again" because her financial situation improved she was able to hire a nanny while at work and while she was pursuing her RN. fast forward she is now a supervisor at home health.
    (This is the same person who only had noodles/top ramen and eggs in the refrigerator. this is the same person who's husband didn't explain that she's 2 hours away going to school on weekdays and work on weekends ..instead he told the kids that she's a bad mother every time they asked him where she was. this is the same person who at one time had to sleep in the car and goes to the 24 hour fitness to take a shower until she found a place to live, this is the same person who always declined her classmates and friends invitation to go out to eat..telling them that she's full or other excuses because she didn't have money to spend. she barely saw her children while pursuing her LPN program)

    it doesn't matter how many stories you hear from other people re: going LPN first vs RN, it's not going to feel right if it doesn't fit your situation and needs. So again, look within and ask yourself, what is your immediate need. Hope this helps.
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  10. by   Twinsmama28
    Thank you so much for sharing that story! I too am thinking about the LPN to have more money and a flexible schedule while pursuing school. But I am thinking there may be a more direct way of doing that. I will explain!

    Where would you want to work? I know the majority are nursing homes and I would prefer the hospital, which I know LPNs are not needed. The 12-hour shifts would be wonderful! Do you know starting pay for LPNs in NV? I asked a CNA at my clinical location, whom is in the LPN program now about starting pay, she told me $18-$19.

    Then I was speaking to my CNA classmate who works as a unit coordinator at Sunrise she told me starting pay for a unit coordinator/CNA is $19! Then if I did PRN it's a couple dollars more! So that's why I'm thinking hmmm is it even worth it to do LPN for a career to make more money while I'm in school when I can have my CNA and make just as much if not more? Plus have more of a flexible schedule while getting hospital experience and my foot in the door there. Which is where I want to work as an RN....in the hospital.

    Also that is very interesting that you are in the same situation as me with only the sciences left! Your calculations are pretty interesting too that the same start date will be Spring 2018 either way.

    So I'm curious with you doing the LPN first when will you do all your science classes? That would push your RN start date even further then Spring 2018 right? Since you would finish LPN Spring 2018? I'm thinking Bio 189 has to be done first then Bio 223 another semester then Bio 224 another semester after that right before you can apply?

    That is great to know, but where did you see LPN is 8 points? I look on the selection sheet and it states 1 point for healthcare experience and 1 point for being credentialed health professional?


    Then last question, you stated your advisor suggested LPN to RN? Why? I would like some more insight on that.

    Thank you so much for all the information! This information is really allowing me to weigh the pros and cons and make an intelligent decision for myself to do the LPN or not!
  11. by   5agreements
    No. I stated she encouraged me to go straight for RN program. I got the information from limited entry hand out that you get when you attend the limited entry orientation.
  12. by   Twinsmama28
    I just called and spoke with someone in the nursing office and asked about the LPN- 8 points, they informed me if you have your LPN and you are applying for LPN to RN there is no points system. They only require you have your LPN, the sciences and the entrance exams.
  13. by   Wafer♡er
    LPN is a great start! Like 5agreements mentioned, it's really what your heart desires. Either way you don't have to stop at just LPN unless you want to. I seen on the UMC website that LPN'S make 29 a hour. Good luck in whatever you decide to do
  14. by   Twinsmama28
    Oh wow that is great $29 an hour! Yes it's so hard to make a decision because with nursing there are so many routes to take, and there is not necessarily a right or wrong way. I can do any route and make it work so that makes it even harder for me. I think since I have my Bachelors already, at this point I am looking for the quickest, most efficient route but also most importantly the least expensive route to ultimately get my RN.

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