CSN Fall 2018 Nursing Program

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Is anyone applying for the Fall 2018 Nursing program at CSN? I am turning in my application this week and I am just trying to connect with people who are also applying for the Fall 2018 or maybe even Spring 2019. I am a little nervous because I only have 25 points . 2 semesters ago I was told by my Health Program counselor that people were getting in with 20 points but when I saw her in December she said it was much more competitive now that they are no longer offering the part-time program and the minimum score they accepted was 25 points, that's why I'm very worried I won't be accepted for the fall. I am currently enrolled in Biol 251 and Com 101, those 2 classes would add 10 points but by the time I am done with them it'll be too late to apply for the Fall. All I can do is apply and see what happens. Well I hope to hear from some of you!
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  3. by   NavyGirl8701
    Check out the group csn fall2018 hopefully. It's an active board for those applying this coming cycle .
  4. by   Elm773
    Just apply! I knew a girl with only the core 5 classes done and she was waitlisted, but then enrolled in the Fall cohort. Some students apply to more than one program especially in the fall, NSC's application is in May so seats can open then too. the worst that can happen is you get a waitlist. As long as you have everything DO IT! Are those the only two classes you have left?