CSN Fall 2009 Acceptance

  1. Just getting ready...I haven't heard of any calls that went out today.... Just wanted to open up the lines of communicado and see if when and if anyone hears...post it here! Let us know!

    Good Luck Everyone!
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  3. by   WTXgrl
    I haven't heard anything either. I am on pins and needles!!
  4. by   Kdirector1
    Yea I am really on my toes, and scared...
  5. by   hdxdoode
    they will be calling tuesday or wednesday... and if we dont hear anything by thursday to call the lady (you know who i'm talking about). i can't wait for this to be over!!!!!
  6. by   Kdirector1
    I just got a call and got in!
  7. by   Yoshi24
    yeaaa. good for you Kdirector. congrats!!! and it's good to hear at least someone got a call. does your name start with like an A-D or something? maybe they are going by alpha order??? Hopefully I'll see you in the fall. *looks at phone and telepathically wills it to ring*
  8. by   WTXgrl
    Just got the call also!!! Yeeehaaw!!! My last name starts with E, so maybe it is alpha order? Good luck to everyone and hope to see all of you in the Fall. :spin:
  9. by   VegasEMT
    Just got my call see you all in the fall!!!!!:spin:
  10. by   Yoshi24
    YEAAAAH!!!! man...see telepathy works people!. just got my call too!!! my last name starts w/an S btw so maybe its not alpha order. see ya'll in the fall.
    I got my call too!!!! So so happy!!
  12. by   Kdirector1
    Congrats everyone!!!! We should have an allnurses.com study group! Definitely is good to have a study group. I live in the Henderson area between warm springs and stephanie. Folks this is going to be a fun, stressful but worth it, exciting semester and so we should all help eachother out, because...WE-ARE-A-FAM-I-LY don na don na na
  13. by   massagechick
    Got my call around noon today!!! I'll see some of you on Thursday..... I'm so excited!
  14. by   hdxdoode
    that's what i'm talking about babyy!!! haha im in also. i can finally sleep now!!!! haha all i know is, im going to enjoy this summerrrr.