CSN Fall 2009 Acceptance - page 2

Just getting ready...I haven't heard of any calls that went out today.... Just wanted to open up the lines of communicado and see if when and if anyone hears...post it here! Let us know! Good... Read More

  1. by   jaime702
    Finally got the call. I'm in too. Pretty exciting.
  2. by   ohmeowzer RN
    congrats to all of you !! you have been accepted into a awesome program and should feel very lucky !! you will all be signing RN after your name soon !! it's worth all the sleep you will loose !! just follow what they say word for word !!
  3. by   AussieAndy
    Congrats to all who got in. I have two more weeks of first semester left and let me tell you you're in for a wild ride! in a good way of course.
    Aussie! Missed you!!!! Let us know how things have gone for you!!!
  5. by   crystal207
    Can someone help me I been feeling very nervious.. I was interviewed in Feb and I am still waiting to here from the school.. I called two weeks ago and was told that they have not gotten to my application yet... is there anyone out there still waiting for a response?
    Hey there! I am not sure about your application process. Its sounds like you are transferring? I know that we went in for orientation last week and that included all of the new 1st semester students along with people who were reinstated. However, I am not sure of your situation. There is a process that goes along with applying at CSN. You get so many points for your gpa, there are prerequisite classes, and you have to score well on the TEAS. Have you already taken your prerequisite courses? ex: Bio 189, 223, 224, 251 etc?
  7. by   crystal207
    Yes, I am a transfer student and applied to the evening program. I took all prereq and have a 3.45 GPA I also took the teas and was interviewed, however, I have not heard anything yet.
  8. by   crystal207
    I just called the school and they stated no decision yet... I dont understand there system
  9. by   crystal207
    hey everyone i am curious to know... i have not yet gotten call for csn,however, i notified the school and was advised that i should be notified by the end of june. is it possible that they are still accepting students for the evening program?
  10. by   hdxdoode
    where are you transferring from? like they said, they will let you know by the end of june... be patient, you'll get in. they had a shortage of applicants this semester so i think there should be another 20 or so seats left... so i hope you get in, good luck!!
  11. by   crystal207
    I am transferring from BMCC... Thanks for your advice. It is great to know that they have around another 20 seat left. I guess I will seat and wait for there response. Are attending CSN for the fall semester?
  12. by   hdxdoode
    I'm not certain but that seem to be the case. for the full time there were 104 accepted for 128 seats fulltime, and part time i think they accepted 24 for 32 seats so you got a good shot. and yeah.. i got into the fall semester!!! happy as heckkk!! haha
  13. by   crystal207
    I am very happy for you.. I guess because i had my interview back in late May I started to get very nerves.. I been waiting for a long time for their response.