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Hi everyone! Who among you guys are going to apply for the 2017 track? Either Spring or 2017! What classes are u still doing? Have you guys attended the Health Orientation already? I'm... Read More

  1. by   va11ey
    looks like the last two years calls didn't start going out until April 20th.....sighhhhhh another month to wait...
  2. by   andreams20
    It will be here before we know it! Got to stay busy is what I keep telling myself
  3. by   Bebbycat
    Hey! Calls are going out today! I got mine around 9am but I missed it, a voicemail was left though. I got in with 39 points and no memo. Best of luck guys!
  4. by   va11ey
    Got my call this morn too around 10am...Congrats everyone! See you Friday.
  5. by   zumbabi
    Quote from andreams20
    I'm only going to have 28 :/ . I'm finishing two classes this semester. What about you two?
    did you get in?
  6. by   andreams20
    I did. Did you?
  7. by   zumbabi
    I am just starting the prerequisites this summer. But i am planning to finish everything except Biol 234 by next summer. So i am trying to figure out if it is possible enter the program without those 10 points. And trying to figure out the schedule. If i need to take more credits or if i can spread them out. Congatulations!!!!
    Do you know what was the min.passing score this year?
  8. by   andreams20
    I'm not sure of the minimum, but I know it was low due to them stopping the Kaplan test at the last minute. If you can squeeze in that last class I'd do it so you won't even have to worry about getting accepted or not.
  9. by   Bebbycat
    How did the stopping of the Kaplan make it so that the minimum was low, do you know by chance?
  10. by   andreams20
    Well from what I gather people prepared for the Kaplan, and not the teas. So people who failed the Kaplan couldn't get back in to retest, and tried to study and pass the teas. I think it ended up not being a lot of people with passing on the Kaplan or teas, so those of us with lower points got in since we passed one of the tests.
  11. by   Twinsmama28
    Quote from NavyGirl8701
    Hope07 I'm going to orientation Jan 6 ... I spoke with the biol chairman and DON they will accept the short term online pre reqs from the school I'm attending .. So I'll have all my pre reqs done to apply for spring 17
    What school did you go to? I too was going to take some of my prerequisites online from Iowa Lakes Conmunity college. It's 4 credit with lab AP 1 & 2. How come they didn't take your classes from the online school?
  12. by   NavyGirl8701
    Hey hope_07 hows it going!? Did you apply last semester did you get in!?!?

    I also did online short term science pre reqs. I used ccconline for bio 189(bio111) and Marian university for 223/224 I'll probably end up using ccconline for micro as well. Ccconline has sciences for 10 weeks but Marian can be either 8 or 5 weeks

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