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Hi everyone! Who among you guys are going to apply for the 2017 track? Either Spring or 2017! What classes are u still doing? Have you guys attended the Health Orientation already? I'm... Read More

  1. by   queenlyblessed
    Who are you meeting with and what is her name? I want to do that prior to turning in my application.
  2. by   queenlyblessed
    Can you send me the persons name and contact info so I can schedule me an appointment as wel?
    How many points are you applying with? Do you have all the pre-reques done? I could not get into Bio 251 this semester so I will take it in the summer.
  3. by   mandaalovess
    I met with the coordinator. i'm applying with 40 points. I have all the prerequisites done. You should still apply anyways! You could take 251 when you are in the program.
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  4. by   mandaalovess
    Go on Facebook and add "CSN Fall 2017 Nursing Students" It's kind of like a forum.
  5. by   queenlyblessed
    Thanks for the info. I have 37 points without Bio 251. I am going to apply anyways. I really don't want to take Bio 251 with my nursing courses that is why I was going to try for the summer.
  6. by   Rhez
    Hey, queenlyblessed.

    I am actually currently enrolled in the Spring 2017 regular track and I can say that the workload is tremendous. I am not trying to discourage you, but only warn you. Biol 251 is not as rigorous as 223 and 224 however, with nursing 101 lecture,lab and clinical and all the reading/study time. Plus Pharmacology. Scheduling and study time are going to be priority. I do not work, or have children right now and it's still challenging for me. Everyone learns differently though. I would recommend applying to the program, and think about taking 251 at UNLV during the summer. You do not need to finish 251 until the 3rd semester. You should be able to transfer the credit over to CSN.

    I am only telling you this because right now, I am living that dream. And I would hate to see someone get accepted only to fail out because they bit off more than they could chew. This is just a recommendation. If you think you can handle it then more power to you, but think about it. Failing in the long run is not worth trying to rush into the program. Again, please do not take this wrong way as I'm not trying to be mean. And do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

  7. by   queenlyblessed
    You are absolutely right!!! I am going to take the Bio 251 in the summer if offered. I tried to take it at NSC but you needed Chemistry 120 first Which I do not have. The deadline for March 1 nursing applications is for Fall admission (I think) so there will be time to take it in the summer. But my plan is to NOT take it during the nursing program.
    Also do you work or have a family? I have both so I was thinking about doing the extended track. While taking pre-requs I have been paying off everything so that if I needed to quit my job I can.
  8. by   Rhez
    Yeah, so March 1 is the fall track deadline.

    No, I'm not working and I do not have kids. But there are plenty of people in the program that gave families. Even those that are pregnant! So don't let that discourage you. Extended track is recommended if you having a family and/or work commitments.
  9. by   queenlyblessed
    OMG pregnant too!!! SMH well having a baby doesn't stop the world but the amount of studying and stress you could be under might not be all that healthy even for those not expecting.
  10. by   Rhez
    Yes, I know 2 women that are still in their first trimester. And already have kids under two. (Clearly unplanned, but it happens)

    You will definitely need a good support system. Rather it be family, friends or both. Let them know how stressed out you will be beforehand. I made that mistake and ended up going off on a few people. Of course I apologized afterwards. Once I realized what was contributing to my behavior.

    After the first 4 weeks, you should have your study habits down pact.

    Look, if you know and understand how YOU learn and realize that nursing is based on critical thinking and rationale then you should be fine to take regular track. I just discourage taking additional classes with the nursing ones. But once you get into groove and knock out your first set of exams, you'll know.
  11. by   Mayok05

    I am applying for the fall 2017 term. I was wondering if you can give me like an overall "jist" of the first semester in the regular track program. Like schedule and stuff just so I can see if working a couple nights a week is an option. Whats the study load like and that kind of stuff!

  12. by   Rhez
    Oh, so basically you will have 6 hours for clinical, 3 hours of lab and about 3 hours for lecture. I am not sure all of the times but you will have the option to choose morning and/or afternoon. I think working is possible but it's probably best that you get something for the evening, or nights. Keep in mind that it is a first come first serve sort of thing. And classes fill up quick so be mindful that you may not get what you want. Now as far as study time, I like to consider this as a separate "class" and I delegate at least five hours a week.

    Then you want to consider Pharm, that's another couple of hours out of the week.

    But I think this is great way to learn time management. You will have a lot to consider and take in throughout your entire time in nursing school. I think for a lot of people, the first semester is just the hardest in terms of learning how to do so. You will learn how, when and why you study because it's a little different from Biol classes. Hint: Rationale.

    So to answer your question, or statement, I can not really tell you what is right for you. Only you can decide that. And only you can know once you get into the program and take on your fist couple of weeks. I know many people in the program that work and have families so it's definitely doable if you can manage everything.

    Just stay positive through everything. Try not to think too negatively and you should be fine.
  13. by   Mayok05
    Thank you for your insight! That was really helpful!