Carrington College Reno,NV Entrance Exam

  1. I am taking the entrance exam next month and it sucks because the entrance exam is no longer the HESI test for reading, math and vocab. It is a kaplan test for reading, writing and math now and there is no study guide like the HESI did. Does anyone have suggestions to what I can study off of?
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  3. by   puravidaLV
    Study for the HESI, TEAS, or get the McGraw nursing entrance exam book which covers a majority of all exams.
  4. by   jbeautiful17
    thank you !
  5. by   enraymond
    I just took the kaplan at carrington today! I used the Kaplan nursing school entrance exams study guide that I bought off of amazon. How did you do? From what I have seen at other schools the kaplan scores are usually lower than the hesi.
  6. by   jbeautiful17
    i haven't taken it yet, i take it on feb 23 ! how did you do on the exam using the kaplan book ?
  7. by   jbeautiful17
    also what edition of the kaplan book did you study off of ?
  8. by   enraymond
    I used the 3rd edition. I felt like the study guide's sections on math and reading were a lot more difficult than the actual test. As for the writing section, the study guide did not help at all. I've heard of some people recommending the McGraw Hill study guide. I know with the Hesi most people scored around a 93 and above to get in, but I have no clue what are considered good scores for the Kaplan. Makes me nervous!
  9. by   Julesmama28
    I took the Kaplan too. Do not buy the study guide! Total waste, it doesn't cover what the test does. Study reading comprehension, basic math like conversions, fractions, and decimals. For science, study physiology. Stuff like hormones and how blood flows through the heart. Good luck!
  10. by   enraymond
    It was difficult to study for, it's the type of test that you either know it or you don't. The questions will always be different from the guide, so all you can really do is become familiar with the format. Does anyone know what are considered good scores for the Kaplan?
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  11. by   Maegen89
    I took my Kaplan exam on Jan. 23 and I am scheduled for a retake on Feb. 16th. I thought the reading and math was extremely easy but the writing was very repetitive and I definitely struggled. Does anyone have any advice on a good study tool/boo for this section? I purchased the McGraw Hill and another book but I didn't find it very helpful! Thank you!
  12. by   enraymond
    Im signed up to retake it on March 2, I took mine Feb 2. Did you get called in for an interview?
  13. by   Maegen89
    They called the following Tuesday and discussed my scores with me but they didn't mention anything about the interview. When the test used to be the HESI, interviews weren't arranged until the end of testing. If you don't mind me asking, what were your scores on the test?
  14. by   enraymond
    I scored a 96 in math, a 95 in reading, and an 81 in writing. The writing was really difficult for me even though I usually do well in that subject.