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  1. Hello to all you wonderful nurses! I'm planning to move to Las Vegas probably within the year. I am a progressive care/telemetry RN that works with post-op CV surgery pts (CABG, AVR), thoracotomies, lobectomies, etc that come to us from the ICU. I love what I do and I was just wondering which hospitals I should apply to for this specialty. I'm not sure, but I believe Nevada calls this unit "step down" or telemetry units as opposed to progressive care? Any input/info would be really helpful to me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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  3. by   libbyjeanne
    Hello! The hospitals that I know of that do open heart and have step-down units are; Mountain View, Sunrise, UMC, Valley, and I noticed that Summerlin Hospital has an opening for an open heart nurse. UMC, Valley, and Sunrise are the larger hospitals in Las Vegas...
  4. by   NurseM7
    Thank you so much! I appreciate the info! which hospitals would you personally suggest? I hear UMC has great benefits? and I hear that Desert Springs is a good heart hospital?
  5. by   libbyjeanne
    UMC would definently be my choice...they do have great benefits. I know that Sunrise is a big heart hospital, but I am not sure about Desert Springs. The Valley Hospitals (desert springs, summerlin, valley, spring mountain) I heard are great to work for, and their pay is higher than UMC (usually). I worked for Sunrise, and when I move back to NV, I plan to go back there or try to get into UMC if I can.

    Sunrise made the top 100 US best hospitals list!
  6. by   HikingNinja
    They call it IMC (intermediate care) out here. I'm at Sunrise, ER and like it. I think the St. Rose Dominican hospital system pays the most. We do alot of open heart at our facility and neuro is kind of our specialty. I'd call around and take some tours, do a quick trip out here or a travel assignment to get a feel.
  7. by   RNcorazon
    Hello, i work at IMCU, south florida. I am also thinking about doing a travel assignment to Las vegas,NV by the las 3 months of the year. Does anybody know what's the nurse/ratio? at my facility is 1/7, sometimes 8 patients per nurse.
  8. by   HikingNinja
    Usually its the following per RN

    Med/tele - 4-5 days 7-9 nights
    IMC (progressive or step down units) - 2 days and nights
    ICU - 2 or 1 on 1 days and nights
    ER - 4 (hopefully you only have 2 ICU or IMC and 2 regular but I've had up to 3 ICU at once).

    Hope this helps.

  9. by   NewlyLicensedNVRN
    Do Las Vegas hospitals have critical care nursing interships for new grads? I am interested in Cardiac CU or ICU.
  10. by   tmgsn
    I live here now and I am wondering if you all are reading anything posted on this website about RN jobs over the last 6 months??
    Also, what does it take to make the top 100 best hospitals? Really? I wonder if they actually sat in the ER waiting area at Sunrise to rate it? And, I am sure this recession has taken a lot of the peope out of the ER, but I cannot remember the last time I saw an ER nurse at one of the busy hospitals with only 4 patients. I love the ER but they are really over worked in Las Vegas. Dee from lv is right- come and do a visit- see if you like it-see if you can get a job first.
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  11. by   tmgsn
    New grads are REALLY really hurting here. Sorry. I am not looking forward to it myself.
  12. by   pgotm
    Nurse M7, Desert has a CPCU. They are union.