Anyone worked IMC/ step down in Las Vegas

  1. I've done my time in Med Surg boot camp and I'm looking to progress to critical care. Can anyone share knowledge or experience in step downs in Las Vegas? Pt to nurse ratio, drips allowed, bedside procedures, ancillary support if any, etc. What hospital and typical patient. Are they mostly cardiac pts? Thanks!
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  3. by   Twinsmama28
    Ratios are 4:1. Sometimes more if they are short staffed but it's usually 4:1. I was an CNA on IMC for the Valley Health system. I've seen drips occasionally but usually one, not as much as ICU.

    Patients are from everywhere with an variety of issues most of them are direct admits from ER. So no it's not mostly cardiac patients.

    If you are looking for mostly cardiac patients try the CVCU my friend that's an RN just got a position there and she loves it!

    IMC is great for experience because you encounter so much and it's still considered Critical Care! It's a high turnover floor because a lot of the newer nurses do their 1 year and then they transfer to ICU, ER, etc; But the good thing is they have no problem transferring into their speciality of choice because they were an IMC nurse.

    Good luck to you! Im not an RN yet but I hope this helps you a little bit!
  4. by   vegasmomma
    Thanks so much!