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Hi all, I haven't been on here in awhile. Been really busy with work and school. I'm finally ready to apply. I've been finishing up my prereq's in a combination of methods. Online Micro, A&PII,... Read More

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    I have literally looked EVERYWHERE. NA Hospice? Yeah I gave them my resume when I was at a job fair in Feb. THEY NEVER CALLED!

    Yeah, over 1/2 my class also went & did the "College to Careers" also. I opted not to b/c I wanted to just work for a year & leave LV & they required a 2y commitment. Also I heard nightmare stories about placements prior to that (not getting the placement & being required to wk for 2y in 1 med/surg unit w/many undesirables. Luckily I haven't heard any bad things from my classmates iother than: required to wk nights, med/surg only & a few poor preceptors that were changed after requested by the new grad. (Personality conflicts happen). B/c of my experience I highly recommend finding an externship program. Most of them don't require more than 12hrs-24hrs a month I've heard. Plus its great experience.
    I have literally looked EVERYWHERE! Sunrise, UMC, St Rose, North Vista, Summerlin, Nellis (contractor-Spectrum requires 5yr experience!), VA (gotta get a lot of info together (transcripts) for VA + do a med test, have 3 letters of recom. & some samples of your work from clinicals). I also tried some HHC (Home Health Care) places & a few others I don't recall. I have spoken w/5 recruiters that have called & 2-3 of them have been looking for me.
    And still my plight goes on!
    Thanks for asking.
    Are you an RN or LPN? I figured you were an RN after reading your posts. That is crazy that you have been unable to find a job here in Las Vegas -- especially at Sunrise where they have sooo many positions open. I don't know anyone that has recently graduated from NSC, but everyone that I know who has graduated from UNLV and CCSN have all been offered jobs around the city.

    Have you been applying online or calling the nursing recruiters at the hospital?
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    I am an RN-BSN & feel as if I am the only one in my class w/o a job! I interview well, ask all the right questions (got a list from the alumni college job site). I just hit it at a bad time. With Sierra HC pulling out of the Valley Hosp syatem I happened to be the lucky girl w/o a job! I had an offer from UMC-but as I mentioned:hiring freeze! I am awaiting a med/surg position offer. I won't know until next week. In the meantime I am still hard at work looking!. What kills me is that a friend of mine got a call 2 interview & she is 1 of my references! She gets offers all the time (okay I shouldn't say it but: I really hope this isn't an equal opportunity issue. I never thought about it until my DH said something.
    The only 2 reasons I can think of as to way I am YET still unemployed as an RN are: 1.) My resume sucks or 2.) I had cervical surg in Dec for herniation & bone spur = discectomy & fusion of C5,6, & 7 w/a titanium CAGE placement (I had a MVA: rear-ended 2yrs prior to surg). I had compression of my nerves that resulted in bilat numbness & weakness. The surg worked well & today the only accommodation I require is w/lifting!
    If asked: I tell. If they don't, well, they will eventually need to know: so I am honest w/them.
    Eg: 1 app asked, so I didn't say anything @ the interview, but had they asked, I would have been very honest!
    This had better result in more settlement $$! :chuckle That's all I have to say! B/c not working as a nurse stinks. After 7years of working to obtain this goal! (Thanks for letting me vent a little. I needed this!)

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    Have you been applying online or calling the nursing recruiters at the hospital?
    Both! This is why I am so frustrated!