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  1. I am currently a pre-nursing student and I have severe migraines and a love hate relationship with my Neurologist. He LOVES to try to put me on medicines that I will HATE to take. He is always trying to put me on some sort of preventative off-label depression med from the 1950s. Anyway - he sent me home with some samples of Onzetra Xsail today. We are actually talking about the "Special Senses" in A&P right now and we learned that there is only 1 nerve that goes into the nose. Now you blow this powder up your nose (when I explained this to my boss - he immediately related it to doing cocaine - especially after reading the side effects). How does inhaling this powder work? Is it caught in the mucous of your nose and absorbed through the mucous membranes? When I asked my neuro - his answer was "it just sort of gets caught up in there" - and he knows I'm working on nursing school and that was his final answer.

    The side effects seem so extreme I really don't want to take it, but I am interested in how it works. Can anyone explain this? I figure since I'm discussing it in A&P right now, it may actually make sense to me. I'm really curious how you can inhale a powder in your nose that makes your migraine go away.
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