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I was inspired by the looonngggg "you know you're a nurse if..." thread on the Nursing Humor forum, and thought we could do one based on our specialty. Here's a few I came up with and please feel... Read More

  1. by   mrsalby
    You know people with a negative teeth to tatoo ratio are indestructable......

    LOL this cracked me up!

    You go home singing what ever your last frontal patients song was....mine: 101 drag queens, 101 ducks!
  2. by   Designer NP
    I agree with the comment from other nurses saying "Ewwwwww Neuro!" But I love it!!

    You know you're a neuro nurse when you like the vented, restrained and sedated patients...

    You absolutely DREAD visiting hours...

    You don't blink twice when you have a pt with bolts coming out of their head...

    You wonder how you came out alright when you were a kid and fell and hit your head...
  3. by   gasmaster
    You've ever had to explain to a family that what the neurosurgeon meant when he said the surgery was successful was that the patient lived through it.....
  4. by   MalNurs
    Quote from nursemike
    When the only useful thing you learned in High School was wrestling.
    I think this is the only reason i make such a good Neuro nurse. good being a nice term for lift team or Code-R's. As well as patients who aren't on Diprivan yet haha.
  5. by   MalNurs
    Quote from gwenith
    There is a simple remedy to this problem - refill the bladder with about 50 mls - either use warm saline or simply clamp the tubing for an hour or so.

    The problem is caused by irritation of the catheter tip against the bladder wall and re-inflating the bladder moves the wall away from the bladder tip. You only occasionally need to re-inflate a second time. Warn the patient that this will take time to work. Even if you use warm saline - give it a few minutes for the spasms to settle before releasing the catheter and letting it drain.

    Once you tried this once or twice (remember that it does take that little bit of time - especially if you simply clamp the catheter) but it DOES work and works well
    wow didnt know that thanks
  6. by   MalNurs
    No matter how many different ways you tell a family that their loved one is brain dead, they still look at the patient and say "Oh you're doing so good. You're gonna pull through this." and believe it too.
  7. by   bellehill
    Your patient's family starts to do the neuro check with you every hour.

    You squirt your co-workers with left over Mannitol because it's cool.

    You use a penlight so much you need a new one every week.

    You are able to converse with a completely confused patient and a completely aphasic patient.

    You know the transport team and the CT techs by first name, and some of their family.

    You do an extra exam because you "have a bad feeling".
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  8. by   nursemike
    Had a pt not too long ago who was AOX3, speech clear and appropriate, denied pain, nausea, numbness, tingling--assessment WNL all the way down the line. But when I asked, "How are you feeling?" he replied that he was okay, except that he felt confused. Couldn't specify confused about what, just "confused."

    So I gave him a GCS of 14, because he thought he was confused, but clearly he wasn't confused, except about being confused. (Actually, he was a few hours post-ictal and probably just a little woozy around the edges. Didn't page the neurologist, but just mentioned it when I saw her next.)

    I used to joke about doing it, but more recently actually have paged to report a neuro change when the GCS increased. Usually just save that until I see the doc again, though.

    One of my coworkers had a pt last night who posted his name, b-day, what day it was and where he was on a sign of his door, because he wanted to get some sleep.
  9. by   labman
    The only unit where you put restraints on for patients that touch their rear then scratch their incision.
  10. by   Trauma1RN
    You know your a Neuro RN when:

    You SDH patient's BP sky rockets and their heart rate goes to about 180 and your first thought is "better get some Atropine"
  11. by   aeauooo
    Been there, done that.

    You know you're a neuro nurse if...

    You've ever said, "Oh don't worry about it, he's just having a seizure."

    You've ever come to the uncomfortable realization that there are some people who really don't want to hear about GSW to the head.

    If you're ever had to explain to a neurosurgeon that your patient's bizarre behavior is a seizure.
  12. by   WakkaRN

    You know you're a neuro nurse if you're frustrated when you notice a drop in your patient's GCS, you inform the doctor and when he goes into the patient's room and asks the patient how they are, they mumble, 'I'm good thanks'. :angryfire

    You know you're a neuro nurse when you patient tells you that you're a babe, you're beautiful and they love you while you turn a patient and change his pad, and your non-nursing friends cringe or say 'that's gross' when you laugh and tell them about it.
  13. by   qt2168
    You SDH patient's BP sky rockets and their heart rate goes to about 180 and your first thought is "better get some Atropine"

    Please explain this. Just curious as im a cardiac nurse and atropine is def not what I would be reaching for!