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  1. As i am new towards icu i have some doubts regarding ventilator seetings.If you can clear my doubts i will be very thankfull to you..The doubts are...the client is an old cva patient having an age of 85.The patient is in ventilator due to low oxygen saturation level.the patient is in ippv volume control(the manufacturer of the ventilator is dragor)why the ventilator is sometimes showing low o2 monitoring?.the second question ...some times the ventilator is showing high frequency in its monitor?how can we rectify this problems.?sometimes the ventilator blowing alarm by showing low o2 supply.what all are this meant?can anyone clear my doubts.Thank you
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  3. by   missnurse01
    do you have respiratory therapists where you work? they could give you an awesome education on your machine and the alarms.
  4. by   munch666nath
    am working in no respiratory therapist is there.all ventilator settings are managed by the nurses alone only
  5. by   BelgianRN
    We work with drgers and we have no respiratory therapists either. Keep in mind that with the Evita line of ventilators even alarms from hours ago remain visible in the bar on top until you reset the alarms. Problems I've come across over the years is that many times you have to adjust the alarm settings on these ventilators because they are very tightly chosen by the ventilator.

    When you lose your volume measurements it might be time to calibrate the flow sensor and when your oxygen levels differ too much from your settings either you're not having a reliable oxygen source with enough pressure or your oxygen cell is faulty/worn out etc. and we generally have our technicians check out when we have alarms that we can't fix and it isn't a problem on the side of the patient. In the mean time we use another machine so they have time to check it out.
  6. by   munch666nath
    thank you for the valuable information belgian rn
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    This manual looks helpful:

    Robert L Chatburn RRT:
    Instructional CD: Mechanical Ventilation - VentWorld

    Video NICU use: Drager Ventilator Training - YouTube
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  9. by   Sockeye
    What is IPPV in Bennet languge? SIMV?
  10. by   BelgianRN
    As far as I know on a Drger IPPV+autoflow is a pressure regulated volume controlled modus and IPPV equals volume control