statring as new neuro icu nurse, after 5 years medsurg

  1. I am new to this forum, and I am also going to be starting a new position in Neuro ICU. I have been a medsurg nurse for 5 years. I have had 6 months as a nurse extern and 3 years of neuro/neuro surgery experience on a general med neuro floor, and on this unit we used telemetry and the NIHSS stroke scale. I have also had a additional 2 years of general med surg. I am just a little nervous starting my first position in a ICU especially a neuro icu.

    I know its normal to be nervous but are there any tips for someone changing from medsurg to ICU setting? Thanks
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  3. by   gwenith
    Your focus should shift to a more holistic thinking of the patient but please give yourself some time to do this!!
  4. by   rodeonurse
    Breathe.. WAlking into any ICU situation can and will be very intimidating..don't hold your breath Remember what you learned on your neuro floor, it will be invaluable info while your training into the ICU. MY OPINION.. I have always worked in the ICU and ER, going straight to ICU from school, but have worked floors and anywhere needed with agencies..from my observations.. ORGANIZATION is key, then knowledge is power. Your days of stating if you have at all, I don't have time to know my know my patients has now changed. As an ICU nurse, the expectation is different. Your approach is different. I pray you get a solid preceptor. Meaning someone who still loves their job and won't dangle you as bait to the lions.. I won't get going on that but my pointers are-1-stay organized, use your paper brain as you may have on the floor. 2-Consistency-find a comfortable routine way to give report and do that same way every time you give report. Be methodical in approach to your peers. Much respect in that, and you won't get lost in detail.. IE.. head to toe report, start at the top, work your way down. 3-Knowledge is power!! Study learn what you don't know, and if you come across something during the day, take a note and look it up when you can. I did get my CNRN-Hardest dang test I ever took!! But great knowledge..
    I love my career and have been a nurse in ICU/ER going on 9yrs-Get your certification for the NIHSS, you can do that free online. There's soo much to say, but when you find yourself about ready to cry and quit, remember BREATHE, it does get better, and if you really want it, you WILL get it..