Neuro experience transferrable to other ICUs?

  1. I have worked in a Neuro ICU over a year now at a major academic medical center and I'm interested in travel nursing. Obviously my preference would be to work in a Neuro ICU but recruiters have presented me with opportunities in general ICU's at smaller hospitals. Has anyone made a transition like this? Will I be able to safely practice in a general ICU?
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  3. by   Crawford-RN
    It depends on the kind of hospital you worked at while in Neuro. How many other problems did they have? Did you work at a level 1 trauma center with possibly other kinds of patients? I would also highly recommend getting your CCRN. It will look great on your resume as well as refresh you in other areas besides neuro.
  4. by   nrsang97
    Yes you can successfully change to another ICU. I have had coworkers change from neuro ICU to NICU, to CVICU, MICU.
  5. by   TravelerLisa
    I agree with both the other postings. Any specialty certification you can get helps with skill set and reinforces education. I worked in a level 1 university nsicu transferred to smaller hospital still a level 1 but more general ICU pts. It was a nice change neuro patients are labor intensive and lay a good fundamental. 😉
  6. by   OllieW
    In the past I worked float pool between all the ICUs and although Neuro is a bit different (my least favorite) you still understand the basics of hemodynamics, critical lab values, AMS and you area's typical meds. Some areas may be a bit trickier but as a traveler you should not see fresh CABGs, fresh Transplants, etc... I traveled for a few years as well and the biggest adjustment is getting use to a new charting system, figuring out where supplies are and discovering which physicians were buttheads! Plus, if you are looking at smaller facilities a lot of their acuity is less than you would find at a trauma/transplant center. Another huge difference is going from a teaching hospital to a non-teaching hospital to me it was night and day.