How to get NIH Stroke Scale certification?

  1. Am I doing this right? This is the website I've been using.

    BlueCloud Tutorials by HealthCarePoint

    I'ts free. I've completed certification A in about 2 hours and got a certificate for that. It's presented by National Stroke Association and American Academy of CME. Do I need to complete all certifications from A through I to become NIHSS certified? Or do I need to get this done through AHA?
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  3. by   icuRNmaggie
    Most hospitals require a yearly certification and would expect you to complete Test B next year, C the following year and so on.
    The test and certificate is the same on the website you listed or at this one. It is best to stay with one or the other to have the transcript. Save your login and password for next year. I write it on the back of the certificate.
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  4. by   calivianya
    My job uses the one, too, so you're doing it right. We just do one of them each time.
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    Thank you guys , info was helpful
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    Good luck!!
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    Hello, my CA LVN license expired May 2013...what has to be done to renew/reactivate it? Thanks