1. Anyone recently taken CNRN exam, inputs are greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Ladyscrubs
    Hi fellow Neuro nurse,

    I took the exam and passed it almost a year ago. I used the book CNRN Exam Secrets Study Guide purchased on Amazon and I highly recommend it. It is a good jump off point to make you aware of what you don't know and should. Each chapter has some review questions and the answer key gives a great explanation of why this is right and why that is wrong. Because the explanations brought up more questions for me, I paired up my study with Neuroscience Nursing, third edition, written by Ellen Barker—which by the way reads like a true textbook and is not written in outline form.

    Like I mentioned, the CNRN study guide will get you thinking in the right direction.

    If I remember they give you four hours for the exam and I exited with 15 minutes to spare—
    I took NCLEX over 30 plus years ago… this exam reads just like the NCLEX questions so be careful with what the questions are asking… the most important, the correct statement, which of the following best characterizes etc..

    I really didn't know if you want specifics but if you do, I can go into more detail. Just wanted to reply quick, to let you know you are not being ignored.
  4. by   Anmay
    Ahhh thank you so much sweetheart. I am kinda studying Hickey's clinical practice book, which is great, hopkins library has great books, so will definitely read through the secret Guide too. Thanks a lot.
  5. by   Ladyscrubs
    I remember studying pupils... Horner's sign = carotid dissection and pinpoint pupils = pons (both start with letter P) and both are questions on exam. I never read Hickey's clinical practice but I will thanks to your recommendation

    Some of the questions on the exam are taken directly from the CNRN study guide, which surprised me but I won't complain. I also joined the AANN, which got me a exam discount and all the free ceu's I can muster, Woo Hoo so many ceu's, so little time!

    Good luck to you... got to dash to go to work.

    Remember... somewhere in Glasgow, there is a coma and when you're 8 you intubate.

    I am here so if you need anything just ask
  6. by   Anmay
    I am so grateful to you dear. Thanks.