Neuro Acute Traveling?


Hi All,

I'm a new grad, and in a 2-year contract to complete a residency in neuro acute care at a large hospital, specializing in stoke. My plan is to complete the two years, get board certified in Med-Surg (the other nurses on the unit are board certified in MS), and travel with 2 years experience. My question is will my specialized experience in neuro hurt or help me?



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More experience never hurts unless it is at the expense of taking care of a more diverse patient population. It will probably be an asset at larger hospitals and an edge over other medsurg travelers. Certifications are good resume items too.


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Thanks Ned. I just found out my unit will take MS overflow patients, so I'm excited I will have the general MS population and specialization in neuro. I am worried that pigeon-holeing in neuro might limit my options later.