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I asked on an earlier post if anyone had taken the "Teas Test". Just found out that it's exactly like the NET (a test I've heard others here speak about). I'm getting the book this week to study for it - the test is in March.

From what I understand it's an overall math, english, science - type test. Can anyone tell me what the NET involves - how difficult it is, etc. It's the last real "hoop" I have to jump through before they make their final selection and any advice for taking this test would be appreciated. Thanks, SusanNC


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HI Susan-

I took the NET just this past September and it really was not that bad. Other than the testing atmosphere (which was kind of reminiscent of those dreadful SAT's way back in high school with their Nazi-ish rules about not being able to leave and go to the bathroom, etc.), it wasn't all that horrible.

I do recommend buying the review book (I believe the company that writes/adminsters the NET also makes a test review book for it - buy that one, because some of the questions on the test were similar or identical to the ones in the practice manual). If you need the name of it, just PM me..

Brush up on your math and science if it's been a while and go through the review book. I walked out of the test feeling very unconfident, and ended up scoring in the 99th percentile. Some of the more difficult questions on there are "research" questions that don't actually count towards your final score, so don't freak out if you come across some really hard material.

If that is your last hurdle before nursing school, then congratulations to you for getting this far!!

Best of Luck,


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