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My advisor mentioned this this week when I had told her I wanted to take the NET this summer (when I thought I had a chance of getting a Jan seat) She said not to bother; something about the company that puts out the NET is closing?? So I guess there will be a new test, like the NET?

Can anyone corroborate anything like this?

Just wondering. Thanks!


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My school actually gives out a DET. Diagnostic Entrance Exam. It was just like the NET or HESI or the "others" out there only it did not have a science section. I'm sure they will give something b/c I believe they have to??? Not sure, but I would bet it will be something.


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I think you should take anyway. I know that SCC, FL stop using the NET and now uses the TEAS test as of 2009, but they allowed anyone who took the NET from 1-08 to 12-08 to use those scores up until Spring 2010 ASN application. Also, you ask the advisor for the program you're applying for about the NET not being used and how long will they except those scores.


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Thanks ladies. I definitely have some time before I apply (9+ months) so I will wait it out and see what the deal is come spring.


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The school that I was just accepted into dc'd the Net and created their own testing system, which basically consist of a 14th level reading exam that had about 20 questions on it.

I was happy because there were no math to study.:D


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Congrats, Purpose! Prayerfully, my school will go the same way! :)


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Some schools are phasing out the NET. ATI Technologies bought the rights to administer the NET and is phasing it out in favor of the TEAS. Same test writers just a little different format.


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We also used to have the NET at our school, but as ATI bought out the ERI company that administered the NET, our new nursing students now take the TEAS test.

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