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so nervous for my test....


hey guys, im taking my Kaplan nursing entrance test again in the math section...im really nervous because i am in the school, in the nursing program ( i have been accepted by the school), i have all my pre reqs done, good grades, and all thats holding me back is this stupid math section on this test i need a 55% or higher and i got all good grades on the science, reading and writting. Its so upsetting because i am in the nursing program but for me to start my clinicals i need the 55% in the math. Do you guys remember anything about your Kaplan nursing entrance test? like what kind of math did you run into? i know there are more than one test out there so im just trying to get an idea of what else to study for. I know i could do the math to but were not allowed to use scartch paper or calculators just the calculator but simple adding and subtracting so its basically useless. This is kinda a vent about it haha.

But, What math should i study more for?

What did you remeber from your Kaplan nursing test?

Thanks everyone!

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I don't understand how you were accepted, when you hadn't finished with testing? If they took money and had you sign a contract for payments, what will happen if you do not pass? Sorry for not answering your question. I don't know the answer, but am curious about the Kaplan process. Peace!

well i went to a community college first for 2 years. i was going to go to this university no matter if i get in this fall for nursing or not but i do want to be in the program during the fall. i applied to the university, got in, now im taking my kaplan tests and did my nursing interview. but anyway since im going there no matter what i paid my deposit (you dont have to yet if you dont want to) and i did my nursing interview (which you can do at my school whever throughout the process of trying to get into the nursing program there) i was accepted into the school for general classes but also i am techincally accepted into the nursing program but i need to have my kaplan scores all in by august when class start which i have done i just need to re do the math section to get the 55% or higher score. so basically the only thing in my way is the math score. once i get that i am offically in the nursing program. the deposit is non refundable no matter what program you are applying for it is just a deposit to hold your spot in the school/ whatever program in my case nursing you have applied for.


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Its mostly basic algebra, nothing too complicated....

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What did you get on your last test? Do you think it is a lack of understanding the material or being too nervous to perform well on the exam? Nursing schools tend to have many timed exams where if you don't pass you fail the program, so the tests to get in are just the start. If you have a lot of test anxiety I recommend you seek out ways to deal with that now, because it will only get worse, not better.

I last took it about 2 months ago because this was the soonest date to re take it but i do understand the material for a the most part and i have learned not to stress out about taking timed tests and i always leave myself with extra time to go back an re look over things but idk what it is i never was great at math but i know the material its just the fact that for my whole life i have been use to at least being able to write out a math problem and with this there is no scratch paper allowed, i know other people who have re taken this test many of times and their good at math but this whole doing things like equations in my head stresses me out slightly because i know how important this test is.

Did anything in paticular help you guys pass your entrance exams?