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Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


I'm just starting nursing school, but now that I'm in I'm really nervous and scared.

I just fear that once I start the Nursing courses, I'm going to have a hard time remembering everything we're supposed to know. I have a huge fear of failure and I don't want to let myself, or my parents, down.

Is there any advice anyone has to . . . maybe relax or some tips when it comes to retaining information?

I have one more semester to go after this one, it's been a grind but I had the exact same fears you have when I started, the key is to stay organized, always remember most everyone in your class has the same fears too, we just all show it differently. Also remember it will end, you will pass and I'll see you in the nurses station (well if you happen to live in San Diego) best of luck to you and slow deep breathes

I think its normal to feel nervous. I start in January and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. But I'm not going to let my fear get in my way. I've come too far to turn back now, so I know there will be some struggles but I'm going to win! I will be an RN in 2012!!

Take it ONE day at a time, don't get hung up on the assignments that a due a week from now, just focus on what you have to do today, then move on to tomorrow. Once I can place a checkmark on my calander for the day, I know all my tasks are complete, and I can begin focusing on the next day.

Don't get behind on your reading! It will be the downfall of your nursing career because you'll feel like you'll never get caught up! Some people don't have to read every single thing to pass the tests, but I unfortunately, do...

Remember nursing is all about prioritizing! Make sure your clients most important need at the time is met! (Ex. If your client is having trouble breathing, you obviously want to fix that problem before you do something like give them a bed bath!)

Take one hour everyday to do something for yourself that doesn't involve nursing, believe me you'll feel energized and completely refreshed & ready to learn some more!

Embrace your clinical experience! Practice makes PERFECT!! :)

Just BREATHE!!!! You can do this, I'm halfway through my 1st semester and I'm hanging in there pretty well! We've got four exams left so hopefully on December 6th I can still say that! :)

OMG I know how you feel! I think its normal though! Im in my first year of nursing school(BSN) and i catch myself getting nervous and having anxiety during our test and clinical time but i've calmed down alot because now i've built confidence and stay positive all the time! I know I can make it thru the nursing program! ;)

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