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I am a senior in High School and my dream is to become a nurse. I know plenty of people who are in their first year of Nursing School and all I have heard is them saying how hard it is and blah blah blah.... The people who are saying these things are WAY smarter than me so you can imagine how scared I am... I have wanted to become a nurse for a long time and this year I am taking some college classes to help me get ready, such as Medical Terminology. One of my friends who is way smarter than me is taking the class as well and it is even a struggle for her, so of course it's going to be even harder for me... All I am is scared and worried about getting into a nursing school. Getting A's is hard work for me. If I always am worried, is this for me???

Don't compare yourself. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Yes, some people are just academically unable to succeed in nursing programs. But that doesn't make them not smart. Nursing programs require you to critically think, as a nurse. It's not a simple correct or incorrect answer on tests.

Good luck! Your friends' success in nursing school in no way reflects how you will do.

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One step at a time. Nursing education is a lengthy process. Initially, you may need to "learn how to learn" - very few of us accomplished this in high school. This may involve trying a lot of different study methods until you discover what works for YOU. You may find that a lot of other people share your same concerns & problems. For instance, there is an increasing amount of evidence that younger people - who are used to a continuous barrage of images and digital media- are more likely to have problems with reading comprehension or span of attention (sustaining focus on the subject matter for a significant length of time).

Learning is a skill that improves with the right type of practice. It will require effort and persistence. Colleges are used to helping incoming students. Take the time to explore the resources available to you.

Best of luck to you on your educational pathway.


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Thank you so much. Studying is something I do very often but you're right about needing to find what method works best for me. Thanks for the advice :-))


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Comparison is the root of all evil, you're right. I just can't help it. I am trying to have confidence and to go for what I want. Thanks for the advice :)