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Nervous to Go Back


Hi All!

Long time reader, first time poster. I have been an RN for 3 years. I haven only worked 2nd and 3rd shift in correctional facilities. Unfortunately I did not get much chance to use my skills such as IVs, wound vacs PICC lines, etc. I recently accepted a job on dayshift at a small county hospital. It is Med/Surg with float to Day Surgery. I am so excited to get back into bedside nursing, yet so nervous. I will feel like an idiot not having much experience with these basic clinical skills. Any advice for me?

I'm not quite in your situation as I am a newish grad, but I'll tell you that I had a pretty big gap my second year of school with IVs and wounds due to patient assignments and how my schedule was laid out. I work in home health and had to reteach a lot of it to myself, but after 2-3 times of doing the skill it felt pretty okay. I imagine you will get enough exposure during whatever abbreviated orientation you get to get comfortable again. And the beauty of working in a hospital is that there are others around to help :-)

Thanks for the encouragement!! :) I am eager to relearn

They will train you and make sure you feel ready, dont worry :)

And they will continue to watch you after you train. Help is always around.