Nervous about my exam (midterm) Wednesday

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This semester is community health and leadership. It's not the typical nursing exams we're used to. I'm going through and reading the lectures etc., but it's so different. Anyone else here doing (or have done) community health and leadership and taken their exam yet? I feel like I'm studying for a sociology exam... :uhoh3:

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Sorry... I can't help you much, I have never been able to enjoy that class... but maybe if you just sort of outline the lectures/chapters? I dunno... whatever works for you. That is the class I enjoy least and my stupid school has 2 semesters of it, and NO pharmacology class (unless you take a four week class during January to cram it all in!)! Duh... where are the priorities?

Sorry Jen, I really didn't help you at all. Hopefully someone who can will read this now that it's bumped up a little and be able to offer actual advice. :imbar

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