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Hi Nurse Beth,
I just started my masters program to become an FNP. At the same time I just had my second baby. My maternity leave is up soon and I have to decide whether I can go back. I don't have anyone who can care for my kids and I would have to pay an enormous amount for daycare or babysitters. I'm able to quit my job and focus on just school and my kids upbringing until I graduate but I'm nervous about possible employers seeing the employment gap and not hiring me. Is this something I should be worried about? Should I try to take a PRN position? Any advice? Thanks for your time

Dear Starting FNP,

CONGRATS on having your second baby ?

Taking a leave from employment while going to school full time shouldn't hurt your chances of landing an FNP job. You will be a new graduate FNP whether or not you work as an RN during school.

It's wonderful that you have this opportunity to be with your children and pursue your education.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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