nervous about the CNA state test....


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I would like 2 know if the CNA state test hard...I stay in the LONE STAR STATE (TX)... but even if u stay in another state i still would like your feedback:yeah:

p.s. thanks in advance 4 ur time:D


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I live in Indiana, but I think the test is fairly similar everywhere :)

First, the written test is really easy. A lot of it is common sense, and if you paid attention in class and read over your materials, relax and you'll be fine.

The skills are the tricky part. It's not that it's HARD - it's the same skills that you've learned and practiced. But it's remembering all the little steps in the right order while someone is watching you that is nerve wracking.

For my test, we drew five random skills to do but I know every state does that a little differently. First, make sure you know all of your skills and the steps. Practice at home, going through the motions and saying each step aloud until you feel you know them well. Then, RELAX. I always get nervous when I have to do something like that with someone watching, but remember that they watch people perform those steps every day, it's no big deal. They want you to pass. Relax, breathe, and say each step as you do it, just like you practiced. If you forget a step, as long as you then remember and tell them, it won't count against you.

It's really not that bad, and it's over pretty quickly! Good luck. Relax, and you'll do fine.


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I just took my test a week ago, so I know how you feel! My way to stay calm was to remember that I did all my skills on my residents just fine. So pretend your dummy, or person is a resident. My person actually cracked up after I brushed her teeth, but I had to pretend she was a resident and keep my composure!

I also took my test at 8:15 pm when everyone wanted to go home, so they gave me short skills :). In my state, if you forget something yo can tell the instructor that you forgot and go back to do it up until you say you're done. So that is another way to stay calm. Another thing I did was look over my skill list and think of what I would need before I started the skill.

You will do great!

fuzzywuzzy, CNA

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It truly isn't that bad. The worst part is the anticipation in not knowing what skills you'll have to do. Just remember, none of them are really hard. Practice the ones you're unsure of, and you'll be fine.


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The skills test are not hard if you can know the steps of each skill.Im in Tx,too and you only need 4 out of 5 to pass.The first two are hand washing and communication .Go through your purple book. Good luck!


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GOODLUCK! I am in CNA classes right now,been 3 weeks,have 4 more to go,I am already a nervous wreck about the big state exam,I do good in class,but I have performance anxiety,its gotten better as far as classmates and the instructor watching,but I just know on the state exam,I will be soooo nervous,sorry,lol try to stay calm,I guess i'm not very comforting just wanted you to know you are not alone. goodluck again!


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I am in CNA classes right now, and have a few more weeks to go. I am in the Lone Star state as well. Our instructor continues to emphasize not to get too nervous for the skills test. Take your time, and if you make a mistake and forget a step, as long as you are still doing the skill, you can let them know and correct and you will be fine. Try not to psych yourself out too much! I wish you the best! I know it will probably be me on here in a few more weeks saying the same thing. Keep reading that purple book, and practice where you can.

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