Nervous about Clinicals II


Ok so Thursday I had to go to get my assignment, look at the patient's chart, and interview my patient before my Friday full day at clinical. I was nervous but after I got there I was alright. My clinical instructor let us work in teams so I wasn't as anxious. It took us awhile to have the courage to knock on the patient's door. We we finally went in she was awake watching television. She was really nice (she didn't bite us, yell at us, or tell us to get out!!!!) That was one of my fears.

On Friday we got to work at 0700 and the day went smooth. I only had 3 medications to memorize and administer. A friend of mine, (who is in the same clinical group) had 28:stone I don't know how she did it but I better find out because I know I'll get a patient with a lot more meds next week.:) It was fun..I still want to be a nurse..I can't wait til next Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did your first day of clinicals go?



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My first day of clinicals went great!

My pt was wonderful. She needed total care, and I actually LOVED doing it.

I was afraid I would be overwhelmed, forget everything, or just plain freak out and run screaming "I'm afraid to be a nurse!!!!"

But, it went remarkably well, and I can't wait to do it again!

Glad yours was great too!



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My first clinical day is Tuesday. It's fair to say I'm nervous. Hearing about your good experiences makes me feel a bit better. :)


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