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Hello All!

This is my first post, so let me begin with some basic background info on myself.

I am preparing to graduate from a BSN program this May in Northeastern PA. So far, I have really not decided which specialty/ field I am most interested in. In all honesty, I have enjoyed all of my rotations; I have had no problems fitting in with the staff/ job conditions at any clinical site, and I enjoy caring for patients from every walk of life- Which has made my decision even more difficult.

My question at this point is: Which field is the most financially lucrative in my corner of PA? I have heard dialysis and mental health RN's are handsomely paid, especially if I work as a contracted employee in an acute care setting.

So what would you all suggest? I understand compensation is low for my area considering the national average, but I wish to stay local given my deep rooted ties.

Thanks in Advance!


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It is not recommended to choose a specialty based solely on a slightly high pay. You need to pick a specialty that interests you. I doubt that new grad pay will be significantly different regardless where you go.

especially if I work as a contracted employee in an acute care setting.

If you are referring to agency work, you need 2-3 yrs experience in order to work for an agency. If you are referring to being an independent contractor, you essentially work for yourself which means no benefits (vacation, retirement, health insurance) and no taxes taken out of your check. That means your pay per hour is high, but you need to pay state and federal taxes quarterly yourself, all vacations are without pay, and you need to pay for your own health insurance.

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If you're not sure what type of nursing you want to go into yet then I would suggest starting out on a med surg floor to get a good foundation. Like the previous poster said, pay should not be your motivator for going into a specific specialty. I know at many facilities in my area, specialties like ICU, ER, OR, and L&D get specialty bonuses but those specialties tend to have faster and higher rates of burn out, especially if you're only in it for the money. Good luck!