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Negotiating compensation


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I know there are posts about this but I'm having trouble finding them at the moment. Please point me toward any good ones! I'm preparing myself to negotiate a contract because I feel like the offer is much too low but I also know that they have had at least one new grad accept this offer in the past 2 years. I know their office does well financially - they are very business savvy.

- New grad

- Private pediatric office in an area considered "metropolitan" that also has 2 rural locations - some occasional travel to cover may be expected eventually (according to labor statistics the mean salary for this general area is $86,030).

- Expected to see 20-30 patients/day (other providers have said it's closer to 30-35 and this office sees around 100 patients/day).

- Looks like most visits are billed as 99214

- I don't need their health insurance

Their offer:

- 70,000

- 10 vacation days

- 5 sick days

- 5 CEU days +$1,000 towards CEU

- Benefits start add after a 3 month probation period

My rough low-ball calculations based on medicare reimbursement for 20 patients/day with half and half 99213 and 99214 at 85% reimbursement, 5 days/week, and 48 weeks/year is $352,450. So even if they had crazy overhead they would also be making a huge profit off of me.


um, Run! Kidding! In all seriousness you've given this a lot of thought and even your low-ball calculations justify a good counter offer on your part. Take this information to them and use it as ammo! Also, use the data salary info and the fact that you're not asking for health insurance as additional ammo. Perhaps work in an incentive structure, is there one not mentioned?


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You have done your homework. This is very low for NPs. What state is this? Locally $95K to $100K is norm. But also know of some NPs that used it $115 when the doc found out they were interviewing! And the $1000 for CME, well the conference will cost about $400 plus airfare if you fly plus hotel, meals so ask for more ($2000) Ask for 15 days vacation & what about holidays? is the office closed? Will you have to take call? Will you be the only NP? Who is paying for DEA? Have them pay it is about $751 if I recall correctly. Employer should pay for all licenses, NP/RN, pharmacy also. Get ahold of Carolyn Buppert's book on Business Practices for NPs