Needle stick - Isentress & Truvada

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Good day:

FYI. I'm not seeking medical advice. I am seeking to find out what others did under similar circumstances. I had a needle stick at work where I did bleed, and the patient involved had a little blood dimple when the needle came out prior to sticking me. My employer had me go to an office that works with Workers Comp; they did blood work on me (lab results still pending). My employer will be getting blood work done on the patient (that was to be today); lab work is still pending.

In the mean time, the doctor's office that did my blood work put me on Isentress & Truvada prophylactically pending the blood work results of myself and the patient involved. I've been taking the Truvada for three days now with no side effects. I just started taking the Isentress, and I'm feeling the dizziness and weakness.

Now with the understanding, I'm just asking what others did under similar circumstances (not medical advice), have any of you just not taken meds given prophylactically for needle sticks based on the low % chance of actually getting something serious to avoid dealing with the side effects of the prophylactically-given medication?

Thank you.

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Just like any other patient, you have the option to refuse recommended medical treatment. No one can judge the benefits of prophylaxis for you - it is your call.


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A hundred years ago I got put on meds for a positive TB test. I gutted it out for a month of nausea and then stopped. Perhaps not comparable, but it was a big deal at the time (before HIV and HepC were big).



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Yesterday at work I was giving an HIV positive patient an immunization. After giving the shot in the deltoid, I removed the needle and slid the safety device over the 22 gauge one inch needle. I didn't feel an overt prick but felt a slight tinge on my thumb. I nearly fainted. The needle was

Fully covered with the device. I was thinking "how could that have stuck me". I then left the room and inspected my thumb but could only see a small white dot of skin that could have been a questionable graze from the needle, or more likely, from the plastic device. I told the charge nurse. We did an incident report and I went to the ER. All seemed to be ok. It is a very questionable needle stick. No blood involved. I opted not to start on pep due to the possible side effects and it being a possible "non needle stick injury." I haven't gotten a needle stick in ten years. Ugh!😖



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this is a shot of it. The pink line is a thumb wrinkle