Needing help! Trying to find a second degree rn to np program


Hey everyone I have been doing a lot of research and can't seem to find anything specific to my predicament. I am currently enrolled in an adn program and will be done in 3 semesters. I already have a BA in counseling psych and would like to become a psychiatric NP. Anyone out there know of any programs that are second degree rn's wanting to get into psych NP?

I am just looking for the quickest route so I can get into what I want to do. Thanks

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My alma mater, Boston College, has such a program. I believe there are many schools around the country that offer RN to MSN bridge programs. You can always call local schools and see what they have to offer. Good luck!


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I think most of those programs are designed for people without RN licensure. You need to find an RN to MSN program that doesn't require a BSN. Even though it doesn't make sense many entry level MSN programs stipulate that you cannot be an RN.


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There are a lot of ADN to MSN programs out there...

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Duke has a ton of RN-MSN, not apsych one, though :( They encourage those w/ previous bachelors to go straight into MSN programs.


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I've seen plenty of RN-MSN programs, and plenty of accelerated (or second degree) BSN and MSN programs. But I don't think I've seen any second degree RN-MSN programs. I think you would essentially just transfer in any GE or applicable credits from your undergrad to knock off some classes, but I'm not entirely sure. Good luck in your search!


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Vanderbilt has one, I believe.