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I don't know if you mentioned your situation--single without dependents, single with dependents, married, etc. However, a great job for a nursing student is working as a private caregiver. The job pays a little more than minimum wage, however, if you work nights, you can study and do your homework when things are quiet or your work is done. I know of some students who worke as a full time live in caregiver and they saved their money. The next year, they were able to go to school and live on their savings and/or work only nights or the weekend.


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I have arranged with my company to work every weekend and a short 4 hour shift once or twice a week. It is going to suck not have a weekend but it will be worth it in the end.


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Look into finding a babysitting job. I Signed up for a year ago and found a great job that works perfectly with my school schedule. I even get time to study when the kids are busy playing and watching tv.


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Im in the same boat as the OP. Community college in california. One option you could try in unemployment. in Ca we have the California Training benefit where you collect unemployment while in an APPROVED school/ course. Its worth trying and checking out if you're eligible! Otherwise night jobs like 24 hr fitness, tutoring, babysitting, group homes etc.

What part of CVali are you in and what school are you going to? I am in San Diego going to Palomar.


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Sorry for the late reply! I am single - no kids, not married...etc. I live in Imperial Valley & I am attending Imperial Valley college. The area is small with about 160,000 residents. We have the highest unemployment in the U.S. (27.2%).....yea :/. I am already stressing out because it's been a week and I still haven't received any calls. I believe my schedule is just not worth it for most places. There was an open interview at Petco & it sounded like I got the job, until they told me there were no open positions. I was told they had me in mind and would call me if they needed someone *sigh* :sniff:. I considered unemployment, but my boyfriend told me I didn't make enough to get it (which is true, I hardly worked enough hours at my tutoring job). @LadyinScrubs, I actually saw a listing for a caregiver while looking through the classifieds, but I assumed they meant a nurse. I guess it couldn't hurt to email them. @allie86, not sure how I missed replying to you, but I'm definitely going to look into it! Thanks so much, I hope I'm eligible. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I hope I figure something out starts in 17 days!

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