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Greetings, hope this finds you well! So for Nurse's Week, my hospital wanted to highlight self-care and wellbeing, which is great because, let's be real, we're all tired. I was put to do some research, and I have some ideas but the only thing is that we need to look at virtual means of promoting and providing methods for self-care and wellbeing due to the pandemic and the various work schedules. Some thoughts I was chewing on included: a video with guided stretching, classical music and prayer, health tips (eg. tips on how to enhance your sleep), a coloring activity... 


I have some other ideas, but wanted to ask if you have seen any ideas from your hospital that you really liked or that promoted self-care and wellness in a helpful way? 


Thank you in advance for any tips and tricks 🙂 

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I have heard that there is research that playing 15 minuets of Tetris, Candy Crush, or similar games can have the same benefits as 15 min of mediation. 


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How about an email pop quiz? Something that they cannot Google the answer to, like a puzzle, 4 picture one word kind of puzzle and is time-pressured. 

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Are there current self-care/ wellness tools that your hospital already has in place? Along with other things that you decide to implement, this would be a great time to review current resources which staff may not be aware of, have forgotten about or may not realize the full benefit of.

Examples could include EAP benefits, wellness/ health benefits through insurance and any discounts available to staff through their employer association (YMCA, fitness clubs, etc). 

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