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Filipina here... I jus recently passed the nclex and about to start with the petition/immigration process. Sadly retrogression is still very much a problem at the moment so it may still take some time before my family & I can leave the phils. My concerN, I have always wanted to work in CA and raise my kids there. My relatives are there, and I just am comfortable with the place, as I have been there for several times. I also dream of working in a big hospital. In my more than a decade of professional life, I have always been effective at what I do, and this passion for excellence in my job prompts me to harness my skills and optimize my potentials, and i think this would only be realized if i get employed in a big hospital. But i do not know how i will find an employer who can sponsor me. I know I can always turn to agencies here who deploy nurses to different states and various facilities, and choose to be sent to Cali if i like, but I,m afraid of committing to agencies, as a big chunk of my wage would probably be taken by them. Beacause they are agencies, right? Besides they require 2 or so yrs of experience, which i dont have. I grduated nsg school just a yr ago.(2nd courser, was a healthcare representative in a giant pharma for 10 yrs).I have a prospective employer and already a job offer in NJ... in a nursing home. This one's very convenient for me because she is a personal aquaintance and will work everything out from start to finish of the petition process, my dependents included. I will just have to shoulder the necessary fees including lawyers' but I sure will get my wage in full. But this would mean having to forego my dream of working in a specialized acute Cali. What do you think, will i take this job in NJ? What are the prospects of getting employed in a hospital when I finish the 2 yr contract? Will there be any difficulties? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!:smilecoffeecup:

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Best check out the international forum. Have heard better initially to get experience in acute setting. Check out some of the threads in the international forum as plenty of advice about

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